Steamboat Springs to Denver 370km – Day 14 Here Moosey Moosey

It’s hard to believe that today is our last day on tour. But we have time to fit in one more unique landscape – the Rocky Mountains National Park in Colorado.

There was.a lot of smoke around which made the mountains look eerie

Today’s ride in the National Park was a free ride – ie we have a meeting time and we are free to do our own thing. The problem is that there is so much to explore in these parks that there never is enough time so you have to pick where and what you want to see. It also meant that I was playing time keeper when a gift shop appeared! I must admit that we got the timing a bit wrong and were over 20 minutes late as we got sucked into just one more stop … a few times – as there was o much to see.

.. and we will meet here …

Once we were let loose on the park we had no real game plan (except to find a moose) so we just explored things that peaked our curiosity. Here is a selection of photos from around the park,

big drop offs so don’t get it wrong!

the road snaked its way up and around the mountains

the highest point of the ride was here at 12,090 feet or 3.6km above sea level.

And then we were back on the freeway heading into Denver longing to be back in the mountains.

In the game of animal bingo the one thing both of us really wanted to see out in the wild was a moose. There is something about them that is just fascinating. And we’re told that in the NP there was a good chance of seeing one. So we put on our best moose calls.

Here moosey moosey. Here moosey moosey. However we must have been doing it wrong as none appeared.

So disappointing.

But all was not lost as the scenery in the park was awesome!

So the tour is now over and we are all going our separate ways. I will put together some overall thoughts on the tour a bit later.

Tomorrow I am hanging onto the bike for another day and plan on going for a bit more of a ride…

2 thoughts on “Steamboat Springs to Denver 370km – Day 14 Here Moosey Moosey

  1. Fabulous! Now you are in our territory (we are work camping in Estes Park for the summer season). We have absolutely adored being here, and Rocky is one of the main reasons. The scenery in the park is incredible and you captured it well. Honestly, we have seen quite a few moose over the 3 and a half months we have been here, but the chances of seeing one on ONE visit to Rocky I guess are not that good. Most of the ones we have seen have been in the Kawunechee Valley (where you entered) on the West side of the park. Sad to head into Denver after this scenery, eh? Glad you had a good time!


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