What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s really easy to forget just how fast life can change and sometimes the reminders are stark and in your face. Or in my case lying in the middle of the road in peak hour traffic, wondering what the hell happened.

In just over a week we head off on another Stampin’ Up! adventure because of Deb’s hard work over the last year. With that adventure comes a lot of relaxing but also a lot of walking around foreign cities, and we have tacked on extra time to do some additional tripping around (heck we’re already here…) more walking and another motorcycle trip – this time Switzerland with friends we met on last years US motorcycle trip. So not getting injured before going on holidays is kinda important.!

So while I don’t ride around trying to get hurt, I am certainly conscience at the moment not to do anything that may risk getting hurt before our trip.

So it was a bit of a shock to find myself laying on the roadway, my bike laying next to me with its Motul blood oozing out onto the pavement.

How did I get here.? Not 2km from home I was stopped on a slip lane turning left when I started to proceed but stopped as I thought I saw a bike approaching through the fog. The car behind, assuming I had gone (and not looking again) drove straight into the back of me. The rest as they say is history, the shunt launched the bike forward with me losing grip of the clutch and ultimately being thrown from the bike (likely in a most ungraceful way) – from seated position with a half somersault and full twist. Given my bruising and grazing I think the judges would have marked me quite low.


I’m largely okay with a corked thigh (after possibly hitting the handlebars on the way over), a few cuts and abrasions on my knees, and a sore right hand.  Other than that I’m just a bit stiff.  I don’t bounce like I used to … something to do with my DOB I guess.

The bike came off a bit worse with damaged right hand – fairing, mirror, handlebar, pegs, carbon pipe, a cracked crackcase cover, and a number of other bits and pieces. These big bikes come down hard even at low speed.

A friend said to me after this happened; running up the back of someone like this is a really easy mistake to make – but you only make it once. And I’m sure the girl that hit me has certainly learned that lessonthe sight of me flying through the air would help with that. But that’s twice now that I’ve been on the receiving end of imparting this driving lesson and twice that I’m the one consoling the driver who hit me as I’m picking myself and the bike off the ground. Yes I could have got angry, but what would that have achieved…?

Okay I’m ready for a holiday now.

Lesson of the day – Never assume.

28 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture?

    • We are now able to lane filter in most States of Australia which is much better than sitting exposed at the back of a line of traffic. But there are still times like this that you are at the front with traffic waiting behind you…


  1. Well now that really sucks! Been there, hated that!

    Glad you’re ok and hope the horse gets sorted out sharpish like.


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