Under the cover of darkness I snuck out of the house, topped up the tank and hit the road. No real idea where I was heading, I just needed to get out and clear my head.

Heading out of Canberra I find myself on the road to the coast. The coast it is then. With no itinerary or urgency to be anywhere I take the opportunity to stop and take a few photos on the way of the regrowth. I always find it amazing how the Australian bush bounces back with tree trunks covered in shoots and blackened Tree Fern trunks with new fronds.

As I hit the Pacific Highway on the coast I head north towards Nowra but within a couple of kilometres I decide to take a look at the village of Surfside and the Surfside beach as I’ve never been in there. While I’m not a beach person I find myself just sitting on a burnt-out log soaking in the atmosphere and being mesmerised by the movement and sound of the waves rolling in.

With nobody around I had the place to myself. It was nice to just sit.

Then explore another little beach around the corner where I was struck by the amount of washed up debris from the recent fires.

After spending more time then I expected just sitting by the beach I decide to just head back up the mountain rather than home via an alternative route. It’s funny that you can ride a road so often but never really explore anything just off it. I found this nice little lookout just off the Kings Highway down a dirt road overlooking Batemans Bay, it’s certainly worth a visit.

And then it was time to head home. Such a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning, a lazy 300km just cruising taking in the sights and having a bit of me time, and home by 10:30 ready for a coffee.

I look forward to the lifting of travel restrictions in NSW on Monday 1 June – which just so happens to be a holiday here in Canberra. I think a big ride is calling…!

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