The Flight of the Handbag

It’s been four years since the handbag’s last journey. That trip feels like a distant memory now … so much, and yet so little has happened at the same time after the world shut down in 2019. What a crazy few years.!

Imagine in early 2019 talking about largely going cashless and for office workers being able to split their time between the office and home within twelve months. Never going to happen.!

Look at us now. I actually can’t remember the last time I carried cash and have moved away from a traditional wallet to just a card carrier – and I only have that as the ACT government haven’t enabled digital drivers licences yet. Once that happens, I can’t see a purpose for even carrying cards as everything is now on my phone … well, my pocket computer with the ability to make phone calls … that I rarely do.

And work, I like the commute on the bike and the office environment, so while I choose to work from the office primarily there are days that the place feels like a ghost town. But it is certainly nice to be able to work from home occasionally, or when you just need to be home. But I do miss the face-to-face meetings, the 2019 me is shocked by that statement.!!

What else has happened…?

I’m a granddad!

My daughter had a little boy. Harry was premmie and had a bit of a stay in hospital before he could come home. With Covid restrictions in place we were unable to visit the hospital and didn’t get to meet Harry until he came home. That was just agonising.! Grandma was not in a good shape. But meeting him for the first time was overwhelming and I am now one of those grandparents who are more than happy to show the latest photo of my gorgeous little Harry.

Then early this year they decided to take on a new adventure and move to England to sample life overseas. I’m very supportive of the move as I regret not doing this myself when I was younger. The hard thing is not being part of his daily life and doing those grandpa things I dreamed of.  Video calls are great, but just not the same as a hug, or holding his hand walking down the path, or teaching him how to change oil on the bike. It’s the little things.

While Deb has earned trips for 2020, 2021, and 2022 they were either cancelled or we were unable to attend as we couldn’t exit Australia due to lock downs. During that time our main escape was a ride and camping trip to Far North Queensland.

We are ready for another adventure.

For 2023, the Stampin’ Up! trip is a cruise to Norway out of Southampton. So after the big move to the UK happened early this year our plans changed and will include time hanging out with family and soaking up every second with Harry before we head home.

Soon after this trip was announced, we started formulating a plan to catch up with our Swiss friends and do some riding together exploring Scotland.

The challenge of riding overseas – all our riding gear set out ready to pack

And somehow, all that riding gear and all our clothes for cruising, chilling, exploring, going out, and riding … and maybe a couple of things for Harry are all packed within a couple of suitcases and carry-on bags.

But to get all this under way we have three flights to look forward to …

  • 1 hour to Melbourne
  • 16 hours to Dubai
  • 7 hours to London

The price we pay for living in Australia and wanting to visit Europe.

Okay let’s get this underway.!

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