The three day Disney look

How do you know that you’ve had too much of a good thing?

a) a roller coaster is a chance to get off your feet.
b) the only real danger of going into a dark haunted house is falling asleep.
c) you stand for an hour watching a great show only to wonder how long before your feet actually do kill you.
d) all of the above.


Today was a bit of a mop up exercise in that we tried to finish anything we hadn’t gotten to, or repeat rides we loved. This included:

Catching up with fairies


And princesses


Having a chat to Mary


Going to the zoo


and of course more silly hats!


The one thing that we didn’t do and wanted to do was a lightning McQueen ride that looked pretty good,  but with up to a 2 hour wait we weren’t that wedded to the idea. !!

One thing that struck me here was the number of families all dressed the same.  Usually in bright shirts,  sometimes with their family name and/or position inscribed.  Okay I kinda know why but WHY!

I thought that was only something the Griswold’s did!

So that is Disneyland done.

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