Let’s Away from LA

Today we picked up our rental car for the next few days.  We wanted to hire an American car as we’re in the states so we booked a Jeep but instead we were upgraded to a Chevy Traverse.


It’s quite a nice car to drive, all leather interior, goes pretty well, and more importantly heaps of room.

Actually Megan wanted us to rent her favorite car is the Dodge Challenger (the white one) … It just didn’t have the room for our luggage.


Getting out of Los Angeles took for ever!  The traffic was hideous! Once we were out of LA we headed north west along the  coast.  It’s an interesting coast line with the townships nestled in between the coast line and the hills.


By the time we got to Maibu we decided to grab some lunch. We found a nice little Cafe called the Marmalade Cafe which served great food.


To finish off or lunch we were going to have a peach and blueberry crumble but the waiter talked us into one serve of bread pudding.


It was very nice and one serve was a nice size for us to share.

From Malibu we followed the coast to Santa Barbara before getting off the busy coast road and heading into the mountains across route 154. The scenery through here was very cool.

Here are a few photos along the way around Lake Cachuma.




Driving on the right hasn’t posed that much of an issue.  The only time I find I really need to be careful is turning left and having to cross the traffic. You see the traffic on your left but it doesn’t always register that you will drive across in front of them.   Lane position is also something that I’ve had to work at.

After a very busy few days and lots and lots of walking Deb found this nice natural mineral spa not far from where we were staying in Paso Robles.


We had our own mineral Spa outside overlooking the country side.


A nice way to finish the day off.

Sorry no funny hats today.


An interesting side note –

The mineral water at Paso Robles is all natural and comes to the surface at up to 120 degrees F (49 C).

After a quake in 2005 a natural mineral spring formed in the middle of their town library.  It caused quite a bit of structural damage to the library.

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