Stampin’ Up factory tour

Well the last couple of days been very full on in all sorts of ways. .!!

On Wednesday they gave us a tour of the Stampin’ Up factory which is at the bottom of Utah,  so they chartered a 757 to take us there.  The closest airport was St George airport.  I’m glad they didn’t tell us until after we landed that a plane that size had never landed in St George airport before!

This time we were greated by all the factory workers. A number of whom gave us a tour of their factory.  I must say that it is very reassuring to see employees who love their job.  I’m sure it wasn’t because we were there.  Generally I have a fairly good bullshit filter and these folks loved what they do and who they work for.  There’s a lot to be said for a happy workforce!

We were shown right from the raw products of rubber


And the construction of the matrix boards (the negatives) which they used to construct the moulds (positives) that would go into the ovens with the rubber to create the stamps (which are negatives)


From there they are die cut out to their individual stamps.  Here’s Deb cutting out a set.


Before being packaged and shipped to Salt Lake City for distribution.

We also saw them making stamp sets, inks, and packaging paper. Today they were packaging pumpkin pie card stock. No it’s not orange people!


Nothing really goes to waste. All the offcut rubber gets shredded


and given to charities and the like to be used for things such as playgrounds.  Such as the local playground in Kanab.


While it was a very long day it was great to get the opportunity to see where and how these products are made, it was also great to meet some of the people behind their construction.

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