The final shindig

Thursday represented our last full day on the Stampin’ Up! trip and in the US.

While Deb spent the afternoon shopping with the girls I went shooting with a few of the boys at a local gun club.

After 30 minutes or so of safety talks and instruction on the various weapons we were taken into the indoor range.  Here we used a variety of hand guns from the Glock 9mm to the Magnum 357.


And a couple of rifles including the AK47. We even had a shot ($11 / shot) of a 50 caliber snipers rifle.



Then in the afternoon for our final dinner together we were transported to the Red Cliff Ranch just out of Heber for dinner in a barn.  Here we were treated to local cuisine in a glorious setting.





Then after dinner we were entertained (or were the entertainment) with a really good country rock band and line dances.  To get the full experience we were taught a number of line dances.  Some clearly got the hang of these better than others.   Rich (the President of Stampin’ Up) and I were clearly the best there as we were the only ones in step. Everyone else was doing something different.


Even though I was completely hopeless it was a lot of fun.

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