Barkley Homestead – day 4

From cloncurry we headed west towards Mt Isa and into the Northern Territory.

As you approach Mt Isa you go through a nice mountain pass which was most unexpected.


And one of the many trucks we past.


Then as you enter Mt Isa the mining industry is right in your face.  I’ve seen photos of it but the stark reality hit me.

Then we headed towards the border.


I remember reading about a group of Indians who traveled to Australia and hired motorcycles and rode around Australia to help inspire other young Indians to get out and look at the world.  When they came to this place they were stuck by the isolation.

As an Australian we get that. But I don’t think we truely do.  When faced with plains without a mound in every direction all the way to the horizon.  You feel like this speck traveling across this vast landscape.



And no trip to the NT is complete without a photo of the 130 limit.  Permission to up the ante a notch. Not much but enough to feel the miles slip beneath you.


This is a nice speed to travel at.  Especially on these open roads.  Where were these limits the last 2 days on the open roads in NSW and QLD.?

The only downside with these higher speeds is higher fuel consumption.  But that’s a small price to pay in this enormous landscape where huge distances have to be traveled just to get anywhere.

Then before we knew it we where at Barkley Homestead.  An oasis in the middle of nowhere.


There were about a dozen riders gathered here for a beer and a chat.  To tell stories of adventures had and places seen.  To show off the latest farkles that make life on the road easier or potentially more complicated.

Really it was just great to catch up with mates who share the same passion.  Riding a long way – where riding half way around the country for a beer and a chat seems normal.

Day 4 – 577km
Total – 3, 356km

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