Enjoying the Mountains

Sitting alone at the service station at 6:15am made me wonder whether I had misunderstood our plan.  Apparently we had agreed to meet at 7. Opps.

So I  gave the bike a quick once over and noticed that the rear tyre was down on pressure.  Not 1 or 2psi but 10. That’s strange as I only checked them a couple of days previously. And within 10 minutes of pumping it up again it had lost 2psi. After a full inspection I found a small hole in a previous repair.  When I purchased the bike I was assured that the repair was done properly from the inside out.  But I always had my doubts and now my concerns were realised.

When Rog turned up I inform him of my predicament and we decide to have a coffee and wait for the bike shops to open and hope we can find someone to fit a tyre straightaway.  A big shout out to Moto Garage for fitting a new tyre on the spot.  And just to add to the drama of the morning my leather jacket’s zip died on the way to the bike shop. Luckily I’m five minutes from home so a quick side trip home to change my riding gear.

This all left me wondering whether this trip was doomed before we even left.  On the other hand they say things come in 3’s and mine all happened before we even left. So that probably all balances out.

We finally got away a little after 9am.

Our destination for the weekend was Bright in Victoria to marshal the Audax Alpine Classic. From what I can gather – Audax is all about long-distance bicycle rides, and while I’m not a cyclist I do understand endurance riding. Would I do it on a bicycle … Hell No!

And while I choose not to ride these roads on a bicycle it sure is a beautiful landscape to ride through.  Following are a few photos from the weekends trip.

Link to my Spot track for the weekend.

The Murray River
Taking a break by the Murray River on our way to Bright

On Saturday our primary role for the event is as first responders to address any issues that may arise or provide first aid to cyclists in trouble.

Early morning run up Mt Buffalo

The roads and scenery up over Hotham are spectacular – little wonder this is a favourite riding destination.


Omeo Highway following the Big River

Out the back of Falls Creek
Dragon Boating on the Rocky Valley Storage Dam
Dragon boating on Rocky Valley Storage Dam


And on Sunday we make our way home again, riding through the Victorian and NSW high country.  Enjoying the roads winding their way through the mountains.

Omeo Highway – my new favourite road

Elliots Way
Elliots Way

Wild Brumbies
Wild brumbies in the Snowy Mountains – not something you see often


Australia has a fascination with big things – Big Trout at Adaminaby


13 thoughts on “Enjoying the Mountains

    • Good spotting. In Australia we can now use helmets with standards other than the Australian standard such as the European ECE 22-05. When i was in Spain i tried the Schuberth on and really liked it. I bought this one from the UK.

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  1. Looks like there’s some great riding down there. That was a great read; it makes me long for the road. But, as we had snow today it will be a while before my wife and I can get out and do some good weekend or week-long rides.

    Thanks for checking out our blog and leaving the comment. You’re right, we need to get our bikes set up with direct USB as well.

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  2. Thanks for sharing, your photos are amazing! Australia has so many beautiful places! Thanks also for taking the time to read my post and for the ‘like’! Peace and blessings 🙂

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