2017 – A Year in Review

I was inspired by Fuzzygalore to do 2017 in review.

I remember being told by older people when I was a young bloke that the years go by faster as you get older.  Now I am one of those older people – and yes they certainly do seem to go by faster.  I’m not sure if it’s because each year represents an ever smaller percentage of your over-all life, or that life is getting faster, or that we are fitting more into our time.  Maybe it’s a bit of all those things.  Whatever the reason I think there is always value in stopping and taking stock, otherwise it is too easy to just watch the time flit away and you are left shocked wondering what the hell happened.

This year has felt like I have spent an inordinate amount of time at work, but after flicking through my photos and blogs for the year it becomes abundantly clear that my life is more than just work and I have fit quite a bit in during 2017.

Like many years we had a number of major events.  This year has been no exception with the two standouts being my youngest daughter getting engaged, and Deb and I celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.  And on a sadder note I said goodbye to an aunt who was a big part in my growing up, a reminder that we are all getting older and not around forever so it’s important to make the time we have here count.

This year we have been able to get away on a number of trips, getaways, and rides –

Our big trip for the year was a week in Thailand courtesy of Stampin’ Up! where we got to have a quick look around various sights of Thailand.  The challenge with such a short trip is that you only get a glimpse of place and you don’t get a chance to peel away the top layer to see what’s below and makes the place tick.  I’m realising that I don’t like just being  ‘a tourist’ and ticking things off the have to see list – rather I like to see what the real place looks like, how people live in their settings and not the constructed reality around tourist locations.

It’s funny to think that before we started going on these Stampin’ Up! trips I was quite content with just travelling domestically, and not that interested in what lay beyond our border.  Now that my horizons have been broadened, I just want more.

Here are a few Thailand photos…

During the course of the year we have enjoyed a number of road trips including a cruisy weekend to Robertson with no time constraints, giving us time to just explore the countryside and crafty shops, and stay at the old Robertson Hotel which is undergoing a full restoration.  For 2018 we need to plan more of these getaways.

It’s been another great year on the bike where I have enjoyed a wide variety of riding from longer distance IBA runs, touring runs to various destinations, just getting away for the day, or short coffee runs with friends. In total I’ve clocked up about 30,000km (18,600m) this year on the new bike and it is such a better bike than the previous generation ZX14.  A couple of riding highlights for the year has been the memorial ride that didn’t go to plan but turned into a great week on the bike, and spending more time on the bike with Deb building up her ride fitness for a two week ride in the US in 2018.

And lastly, while this isn’t necessarily my highlight it was certainly a highlight for me (if that makes sense) for 2017 – Julie sent me this Julie and her bikephoto in July of her proudly standing beside her new bike with her learners permit.  Julie has only been talking about getting her bike licence since we were kids on the farm running around on Ag bikes.  It was great catching up during the year to check out her ride.  Go Julie.!  I’m proud of you and looking forward to going for a ride with you sometime soon.

13 thoughts on “2017 – A Year in Review

  1. A great read Glen and plenty of adventures were had. WOW what a way to end yr blog brought a tear of happiness to my eyes.

    Will look forward to that ride together.

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  2. Nice review Glen. You are correct, time does seem to go much faster as we get older. So important to balance life out and enjoy the time we have. In our 20’s and 30’s, we seemingly have all the time in the world. Get into our 50’s and 60’s, and that time vortex starts to collapse. Looking back at our motorcycling year helps give a sense of satisfaction, unless we find we really didn’t ride enough! (is it ever enough?) Thanks for sharing.

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  3. It’s funny how different people have different perceptions! You thought you worked all year and I thought you were away constantly. I enjoyed reading your review very much and look forward to reading your next blogs.

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