Book recommendation – Hit the Road


This book recommendation came up on my reader feed from Gypsy’s Moto Travels and it intrigued me so I downloaded and read it.

Why mention a book that is specifically targeting women solo motorcycle touring?

I have a number of female friends who are avid riders and I’m sure would love to add to that title motorcycle tourer, and possibly even solo tourer.  This book, while American focused, takes a different approach to lots of other touring books I’ve read and addresses a number of the practical issues from a different perspective.  While the book is primarily targeted at women who want to tour there are many ideas and concepts in here that are applicable to us all.

So if you have only toyed with the idea of throwing your gear on your bike and getting out of town for a few days/weeks/months and don’t know where to start this may be of interest to you.

For only AU$7.56 for the digital version it’s not expensive and it’s an easy read.

For more information on the author and the book, see Tamela Rich


via Best Book About Women Riding Solo — Gypsy’s Moto Travels

A friend of mine found this on the web and sent the link to me. I have more than a few books on motorcycle touring, a few books by female authors about riding, but this is the first book I’ve ever read that is such a thorough and complete guide on solo touring for women. […]


5 thoughts on “Book recommendation – Hit the Road

    • Thanks. It’s a great book and you’ve approached the subject from such a different perspective. I’m sure it’ll give a lot of riders the confidence to get out there and experience the joy of touring.


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