Kamloops to Jasper 470km – Day 3 into the Mountains

Well I can report that pulling the screen off the bike didn’t have the results that I had hoped so I will have the screen. reinstalled While I did’t have the same level of shaking of my helmet without the screen there is now a different turbulence that is really loud even with ear plugs in. So I think the answer will be to slouch down a bit and hide under the screen. It was worth a try.

Today the scenery really started to change. It’s been great to date but now the mountains are really looming and we enter Jasper National Park.

From Kamloops we were within sight of the river and train lines for most of the day. The rivers were a beautiful aqua colour with a large volume of water flowing down, and there was a constant series of freight trains along the way keeping us company.

We made a number of stops today and the main ones included –

The Spahats Falls

Lunch at a cool little pub in Avola called the Log Inn Pub

After lunch it was a bit hard going as we were both a bit tired as normally we don’t have a big lunch when riding and we did today. Luckily we had a few regular stops so we could ensure we were we okay. However the same can’t be said for Deb who had a couple of short naps on the back of the bike. Damn that big comfy back seat!

Rearguard Falls

Other than those highlights we have just been enjoying rolling though some stunning scenery. Here are a few other photos from the day.

We went through multiple rain showers as we moved through mountains

End of day 3

And for those who like trains. Here are a couple at the train yard in Jasper which looks pretty cool with the Rockies in the background.,

Tomorrow fulfils a dream. I remember seeing a picture of Banff’s main street many years ago and dreaming of going there one day. Tomorrow is one day, and tomorrow afternoon I will be walking Banff’s Main Street!

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