Jasper to Banff 320km – Day 4 Just wow!

The Rockies … yeah they’re okay.

Today we are in the Rockies with plenty of stops to jump off the bike, have a look at cool stuff, and take plenty of photos to remember our big adventure. The problem with this road is the number of really beautiful things to see – it could take for ever to traverse it if you stopped at every nice vantage point / waterfall / or must see thing.!

Our stops today included –

Athabaska Falls – which must be astounding after the big thaw as they were pretty impressive now.

This would be a great rafting trip!

Glaciers – we stopped at a couple of glaciers along the way,

with Lala our guide at the glacier

Picnic Lunch – it turns out that this weekend is a long weekend in Canada and everyone has come here as the roads were quite busy. With this in mind we bought lunch along the way and stopped by the river for a picnic lunch. It was an inspired decision as it was such a nice spot to sit and have a picnic.


Pesto Lake – which is meant to be the bluest lake in the Rockies.

Lake Louise – this is one of the highlights in the Rockies – however this sign is about the closest we got to it unfortunately as the place was so packed they shut it down for new arrivals. While this is certainly a shame we have seen some amazing scenery today. The Rockies have been simply stunning, amazing, blown away.

Yeah it was okay.

Banff – And then we were in Banff for the finish of day 4. Banff is certainly a beautiful town and a very touristy place with wall-to-wall tourists. It was crazy!!

But I got to walk down the Main Street an take my photo. I even bought a t-shirt so I’m happy.

Random photos from the road today

Sometimes you get bored waiting so you take a selfie on the fuel cap.

We also found some local wildlife

This little guy came out to say hello at one of our stops.

This black bear was just on the side of the road feeding so we all pulled up and had a look – at a safe distance of course. It did however cause traffic mayhem. Not because we had pulled off the road but what we had spotted. There were cars and buses all over the place trying to get a better view of the bear. The bear was not fussed by all the commotion that was going on around him and just continued to hunt round for food.

Tomorrow we head to Waterton Lakes

6 thoughts on “Jasper to Banff 320km – Day 4 Just wow!

    • We only said yesterday – in Spain it got to the point of ‘oh look another castle’ as we got overloaded with castles etc. Here was oh look another mountain – but then you punch yourself and go look where I am this is amazing!

      It’s just so nice to be rolling through this beautiful scenery and sharing it with Deb makes it even more special


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