Waterton to Whitefish 200km – Day 6 I need a Thesaurus

I’m running out of adjectives. The scenery continues to amaze us and blow us away. This ride has been awesome.!

From Waterton we are only a short distance from the US border so it’s not long before we are back in the US, but Canada throws us one last surprise with a black bear and a couple of cubs on the side of the road. While we were sitting on our bikes on the other side of the road she turned and stood up. She didn’t look too happy with the attention and I was thinking that it was time for us not to be here! But as her cubs took off she followed them back into the scrub.

Before we left Canada we had to get a last couple of photos.


And then they let us all back into the US. We are now riding through Montana and all I can think about is that line out of Red October where the 2IC said ‘he would have liked to go to Montana’.


No helmet laws in Montana… Tempting.

Today’s main destination was the Glacier National Park were we were let loose on the park and just had to meet up on the other side of the park at 2pm. It’s about 1.75 hours ride through the park and we had another 1.75 hours to look around, take photos, and have a picnic lunch by Lake McDonald (with supplies we purchased at our last stop).

National Park entrance

In the words of Bill and Ted – this was most excellent!

The road has huge elevation changes and hugs the mountains, with the amount of traffic on the road it is slow going. However this didn’t seem to matter too much as we were pulling off regularity – to just take it all in. It is just breathtaking (I don’t think I’ve said that yet). Here are a few photos from Glacier National Park.

Mountain goat

Note the road on the right hand side mountain.

That is one wide truck, especially on these roads!

Then aware of our time we made our way to Lake MacDonald. Lala said that this would be a nice place for a picnic. It was a great spot. We took our boots off and sat on a rock eating our lunch while enjoying our surroundings. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

And from the National Park it is only a quick 30 miles and we were in Whitefish celebrating the end of yet another great day on the bikes.

The problem with being on the road for awhile is washing and places don’t like you hanging washing over balconies so we made a cloths line out of gaff tape. Is there anything this stuff can’t do – if gaff tape doesn’t fix it you’re not using enough gaff tape!


What a great little town. I first heard about Whitefish via a ride report from Faithful Adventures where they fell in love with the town. I must say after only a couple of hours here I totally understand. It has a really nice down-to-earth charm about the place.

After walking the street and buying the obligatory fridge magnet we went foraging for food. A peek in lots of windows didn’t find what we were looking for but at the end of the street in the town park they had a farmers market with lots of great stuff. So we foraged around and came up with a couple of nice salads, some home made ginger beer, and a couple of locally produced icy poles (and a nice huckleberry pie to enjoy later with a cuppa). We sat on the grass with all the locals, enjoying the evening consuming our find.

I really like this town.

A refreshing all natural icy pole – cucumber, mint and lime.

Tomorrow we are off to Anaconda.

5 thoughts on “Waterton to Whitefish 200km – Day 6 I need a Thesaurus

  1. Just read through it all, Glen and loving it so far. Tell Eagle rider they need to get Motuses (Mostusi?) on fleet then I might have to convince Lib to go…


  2. Glacier is spectacular…and I know exactly what you mean about needing a Thesaurus! So fortunate that you were able to enjoy Glacier before the awful fires that have now evacuated the park. 😳


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