Whitefish to Fairmont 380km – Day 7 Rolling through Montana

The scenery has really started to change now, as has the temperature.

The day started with a couple of shorts stops including a visit to the local Harley shop to pick up a couple of bikes that were getting worked on. Yes we have had a couple of breakdowns. I said a few days ago tongue-in-cheek why is it that Harley tours need to bring a spare bike. Oops maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud as both spares (one from each group) have now been used.

It’s funny – worrying – that before this trip started I owned a grand total of zero Harley shirts. Now I own four shirts from different locations and even Deb owns a shirt from Glacier Harley. This is a worrying sign!

It is really noticeable that we are moving out of the mountains as the temperature today rose quickly to over 30 degrees, quite different to what we have been experiencing in the mountains so we have to remember to hydrate. From here it is expecting to get hotter the further we move south. I am finding that the my full face behind that big bike is quite hot so I have been running with the visor open for 90% of the time. Bugs aren’t a worry as the screen takes care of them.

Today we enjoyed just being out there and rolling through Montana soaking in the landscape changes as we move from the mountains to big sky.

We had three big military plane fly right over our heads

Our coffee stop today in the little town of Seeley Lake

Early in the day we made a quick supplies stop to buy something for another picnic lunch. These have been great and very much what I like when out on the road – just stop by a river and enjoy the surroundings, put the feet in the water and chill. And yes the water was freezing.!

Our picnic spot

And after lunch we spaced right out and just enjoyed the road. Put the cruise control on and turn the radio up – I need to find a country station.

This afternoon we rolled into Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. This place exists as there are natural hot springs here, so it was nice to get out of our bike gear and have a swim in the pools and just relax. And then later we ordered pizzas and had a had combined dinner and just hung out.

Just chillin’ with beer and pizza

Another excellent day on the bike. Tomorrow we are still in Montana and head to Red Lodge.

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