Fairmont to Red Lodge 520km – Day 8 Damn it’s hot

This will only going to be a quick update today as we only made a couple of stops in Addison to our fuel and coffee stops.

Our first stop this morning was in Butte Montana to pay homage to one of the great motorcycle legends in the US and the world. Butte Montana was the hometown and is the resting place of Evil Knieval. A name synonymous with motorcycle daredevils. I remember as a kid watching many of his feats with awe.

The other majot stop of the day was in Virginia City which has a whole town set up to display what life would have been like. The place is just set up on the main road as you roll through town and its free to wander through. A very interesting place and worth a visit if you’re passing through.

Today we did a combination of riding on the 80 mph freeways and smaller highways that wove its way through the countryside. However as the temperature was in the high 30’s (100F) we needed to make a number of stops to keep hydrated.

Here are a few other photos from the old today.

Look over there on the top of the pole

Bored pillion

This river had heaps of people just floating down on tubes. It looked really nice and relaxing.
And a few of our travelling companions

It was over 100oF this afternoon and being in the freezer looked like a good option.

Tonight we are in Red Lodge Montana just a stones throw away from the Beartooth pass – one of the must-do motorcycling roads in the US.

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