Cody to Jackson 390km – Day 11 Yellowstone

The scenery leaving Cody today was really interesting and such a contrast to the scenery we went through further north. I was just thinking about it when Deb mentioned over the intercom that the scenery was dramatic. Yes that’s the word I’ve was looking for – dramatic.

Yellowstone NP is about 80km from Cody and is a huge park and there was no way we were going to do it justice in only half a day. So we know that we have only just skimmed the surface.

Here is our group at the entrance to the park

On this trip we wanted to see some of the unique American wildlife and today we were able to cross off bison as we saw a couple of herds grazing in Yellowstone. It was very cool. They are amazing large beasts. Amazing! And it was great to see them out in their own environment. We even saw a few right next to the road.

There are so many different roads that you can take in the park and if you had unlimited time it would be great to explore them all or go for hikes (well a short wander). One of the roads we did explore was to Artists Point where you have a great view of one of the many waterfalls in the park.

Artist at Artist’s point

And no trip to Yellowstone is complete without seeing old faithful. What I didn’t realise was that there is a really old hotel there that you can stay at which has a nice viewing platform. Later I wandered down and around the boardwalk and it is amazing just how close that you can get to the geyser so if I had my time over (as we were only there for 90 minutes) I would have viewed it from down closer. It would also have been nice to do the complete walk but time was not on our side.

From Old Faithfull we made our way out of Yellowstone and into Tetons NP. This was the most tedious part of our day. The traffic through this section of the park was constant and slow and after a full day in the sun all our energy levels were getting very low.

Our last stop of the day (other than a drive pass very slowly to see a bear and cubs) was to stop and get a good look at the impressive Teton mountain range. It’s a pity that there was so much smoke in the air. But the smoke gave a bit of an eerie fell to them as they rise about 6000 feet up from where we are standing.

It’s been a bit amusing as we have travelled around that we are also quite regularly photographed. They pop up everywhere. We are celebrities. Just about every stop.

A few more photos from Yellowstone as we ride through

Still a lot of dead trees from the huge fires they had a number of years ago

Tonight we are stying in the little town of Jackson / Jackson Hole. this is a town with a population of 9,500 but with 3 million visitors a year so out certainly doesn’t feel like a 9,500 town.

Tomorrow we head to Green River and cross or go close to Idaho and Utah.

4 thoughts on “Cody to Jackson 390km – Day 11 Yellowstone

  1. We had about 5 days in Yellowstone, but unfortunately couldn’t walk much as I had crushed a vertebrae in my back. Loved it, had to wait for Bison to cross road they are so big. Went right up close to Old Faithful, fabulous and just generally drove around looking at bears etc, Had a great time.

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  2. I LOVE Yellowstone. A girl I follow on WP is working there right now. I have been only once. The Hubs has to go. Simply must. My motorcycle must be amazing. Except when I was in a little 2 seater car and I had my car’s top down. A bison was right next to me and I rolled up the window as if that would keep me safe. My passenger thought it was hilarious. I did only in hindsight. Now bears? No. Just no.

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