Jackson to Green River 490km – Day 12 Three State Day

Today we had breakfast in Wyoming, coffee in Idaho, lunch in Utah, and dinner back in Wyoming.

It was nice to get on the road before it got hot today and get some miles under our belts. Today was very much about covering miles and we used a combination of high speed freeways with 80 mph speed limits and slower secondary roads that followed rivers or through open farmland. The secondary roads are certainly my favourite – while you don’t cover as much ground it is generally much nicer riding roads.

It was interesting to watch the landscape change as we entered the different states.

Our lunch stop was at Merlins in Garden City Utah on the shores of Bear Lake. Apparently this place is famous for their raspberry thick shakes. I’ve had thick shakes before but never one that you needed a spoon. It was so thick that it stood 5cm above the lip of the cup! You ate it more than drank it.

Bear Lake

Skimming stones on Bear Lake

By around 4pm we rolled into the little town of Green River and we are staying just out of town surrounded by dramatic rock formation.

After dinner I went for a walk up the hill to check out a couple of the formations. It was quite a steep little climb for someone as unfit as I am. But getting up there you were rewarded with a great view.

Looking up at the formation from the hotel grounds

I’m amazed by the vehicles they use over here from their big trucks like the Ford F250 and F350 and RAM 2500 / 3500 are very popular with even bigger ones getting around as well. Then in contrast registered side-by-sides getting around the streets.

Tomorrow is our second last day of riding on our tour (hard to believe its nearly over) and we are off to Steamboat Springs.

4 thoughts on “Jackson to Green River 490km – Day 12 Three State Day

  1. What an epic trip! You have covered so much ground! If you like the taste of rock formations you saw in Utah, you should come back and see the National parks in Southern Utah! Bryce, Zion, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches will blow you away!


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