Destination … Gerringong

I was surprised to see that my last post was back in November and it’s now March.!  How did that happen.?  Riding days have been a bit light on as we’ve been busy organising my daughter’s wedding that was held a few weeks ago.  Once the photos are back I will share as it was a great day.

This weekend gone was a long weekend in Canberra and our first chance to escape for some ‘us’ time, to take in some miles, and just chill away from everything.  During the week Deb found accommodation in Gerringong, a little township on the coast just south of Kiama.  I’ve been passed Gerringong a couple of times but never turned off to have a look around.  So we loaded the bike up on Sunday morning and hit the road.   

No plan … just a destination.

The beauty of this part of the coast is there are so many options to get there.  In the end we opted for the narrow back roads down the Berry mountain and onto Berry for lunch in a nice little cafe in the main street.



Down town Berry

From Berry it was a only a short ride to Gerringong where we had heaps of time to have a look around, check out a coffee shop, and wander around the rock pools before it was time to check into our room.  Such a pretty little town.


Coffee with a view


We found a beautiful spot on the top of the hill overlooking the coastline – a nice spot to just sit and take it all in.  So we grabbed some supplies from the supermarket (and bottle shop) for an impromptu picnic.


Monday … I had an ulterior motive … I wanted to head north and pop into the Wollongong BMW dealer as they had a couple of bikes I wanted to have a look at.  Since the US ride last year I have been toying with the idea of getting an older touring bike (as I don’t want to sell the 14 as I love it) that I can put in the shed and use on these weekends away as I enjoyed that style of riding  … just not on a Harley.

The shop advertised an old K1200LT and I wanted to check it out with Deb.  One look at the LT and Deb was adamant – “there is no way I’m getting on that, that is so ugly” okay that was fairly definitive.  Can’t argue there it has certainly been hit with the ugly stick (actually beaten with the ugly stick). Cross that one off the list.

They also had a secondhand K1600GT and K1600GTL.  We have ridden a GTL previously and it’s a great bike with a great motor but I found it a little cramped and I was interested in how the GT feels ergonomically compared to the GTL as we are hiring a GT for a week in July while we are in Switzerland touring with friends. It was certainly much better, although not as nice pillion accommodation.

The salesman was pretty keen to see me on one of these but there really isn’t much point owning a ZX14R and K1600GT as the GT is just a bit more touring.  What I’m after is something much more touring focused … so yet again I am back looking at a Goldwing.  I really need to organise a ride on an older one.  Maybe after riding the GT for a week in the Swiss Alps I might have a change of heart.  The one big problem with the BMW … well it’s a BMW.  Boring.  The 14 on the other hand has character, it’s angry, it snarls, it doesn’t take prisoners.

From Wollongong we head further north and cut across the southern edge of the Nasho (Royal National Park) and back down the coast and over the Seacliff Bridge.  The bridge looks very cool from the lookout – but surprisingly – its just a bridge and a bit ho-hum to ride across.


Governor Game Lookout



Over looking the Seacliff Bridge

So home via Macquarie Pass and more back roads in an attempt to miss all the Canberra traffic heading home.

Our weekend ride – 630km.

Canberra Day 2019 - route

6 thoughts on “Destination … Gerringong

  1. Wish BMW would update their instruments to figures I can read without my glasses.
    But the straight six boring. Really?


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