Venice – Cruising the Lagoon

Today was a slower pace. With our only organised trip today at 3pm we just wandered aimlessly, deeper and deeper into Venice.

While there aren’t any cars to deal with there is lots of pedestrian traffic. At least with cars there is a vague appearance of rules. Pedestrians … not so much.

A couple of photos on our wanderings

Tip – yellow signs point to where you want to go. White are the street signs

Today’s trip was out on the lagoon to the three island of Murano – famous for their glass, Torcello – the original island of inhabiants (now with only 12), and Burano Island or the beautiful island with its colorful houses.




Of the three our favourite was Burano not only because it was very beautiful but also it looked like a nice place to escape and away from the hustle and bustle of Venice.

And young guys are young guys the world over – without cars, I present one doof doof boat.

One of the things I really enjoy about travelling is meeting other people and sharing their stories. And occasionally you get to catchup again and not only revisit old stories but to make new stories. Tonight we had an opportunity to catch up with Erwing who rode with us in the US and Canada last year as part of our EagleRider tour. Erwing only lives 30km from Venice and he and his cousin Andrea came to Venice to hang out and join us for dinner. Andrea used to live here so we moved through the narrow pathways like locals (okay we were just following blindly with no idea where we were or where we were going) it was also great to get his perspective of Venice.

The town is a lot quieter at 1am than it was 12 hours earlier!

And then after 4 hours, lots of stories, pizza, beers, spirits and a liqueur to top it all off, it was time to call it a night and bid Erwing and Andrea goodnight.

Damn it was great to catch up.!

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