Switzerland – What an introduction!

It’s hard not to be blown away as you enter Switzerland. It seems like a wonderland of rugged mountains patched with snow, chalets on green rolling hills, and deep valleys with fast flowing rivers with a colour that has to be seen to be believed.

From Venice we travelled to the town of Thun in Switzerland to catch up with Alain and Monika, a couple we met on last years motorcycle trip in the US / Canada. And for over a week we are going to hang out with them and ride the Alps.Just looking at our route they have planned for us is amazing!But that’s tomorrow.Today, we ventured out to some of the local sights and they are pretty damn impressive. Sorry, let me restate that. Awe inspiring!When we started planning this trip Alain sent us some pictures and the website of Schilthorn, and we just had to go there! Schilthorn was the location and a ski chase scene in the James Bond movie ‘on her majesty’s secret service’.From Thun we took the train to Stechelberg, then three separate cable cars to the top of Schilthorn. And even with cloud cover the scenery was just amazing.A highlight for me was getting the chance to sing with a group of traditional Swiss jodelers who happened to be up there performing. I went up and chatted with the bass guy (with some help from Monika translating) who then invited me to sing with them … and I knew all the words….

After which they wondered if I had any Swiss roots.

From here we went down one level to Birg and went for a wander on the side of the mountain. Pity it wasn’t a clear day as it would have been stunning. But as the clouds rolled through you got glimpses and the sense of just how high you were.And just sat and looked out. It was quite amazing how fast the clouds rolled through. It was hard to drag yourself away from such a beautiful place.

And after getting down we went for a wander in Műrren and down to catch another train and cable car to Lauterbrunnen for our trip back to Thun.This was an amazing introduction to Switzerland.! The coming days are going to be spectacular.

And a couple of flower photos on the mountains.

And one for the surfers … when you live in a land locked country and just need a surf.

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