Three Countries in one day

I wonder whether I can find a job here in Switzerland? Or maybe I can work remotely? And I wonder if anyone would miss us if we just stayed here?

Athough I’m not sure how I’d handle the winter here.

The concept of travelling distance here is very different to Australia. Today we left just after 8am and pulled into Ischgl in Austria at 5:45pm (with only a few stops) after only travelling 360km. The roads are slow, the mountains are steep and tight, there are lots of small villages, and there is lots of traffic.

Whereas at home in Australia we can do that before lunch leaving at the same time. Open roads, greater distances between towns and easily able to maintain higher average speeds.

Saying that. I love it here. I love the mountains, I love the green, I love the glacier fed rivers and waterfalls rushing next to the roads, I love the sound of cow bells echoing across the hills, and I love the roads.

Did I mention I love the mountains? I have found myself just sitting and starring out, lost in the mountains.

Today we rode in three countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria. And we rode over three major passes: Sustenpass, Klausenpass, and the Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse.

Switzerland day3 elevation

The Sustenpass was the first pass of the day and was accentuated by a number of large water falls from melting snow. It was also quite busy.

From here we made a small detour to Altdorf, the place where Switzerland became Switzerland due to the actions of Wilhem Tell.

Then onto the Klausenpass which had a very different feel in that it went around the mountain more than just zig zagging straight up. And at the top we enjoyed a picnic lunch looking out over the valley, while a remote control glider soarimg on the thermals created by the mountains, to the sound track of cow bells, and bikes riding the pass.

Then crossing the border into Liechtenstein for a very short time before entering Austria to climb the Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse and onto our accommodation in the ski resort town of Ischgl.

Tomorrow we head to Italy and the Stelvio pass.

6 thoughts on “Three Countries in one day

  1. Hi Zed,

    That’s funny….Unfortunately I missed you by 6 days. We did the Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse last Thursday and some other Alpine Pass as well. I think you probably understand now why the long distance ride culture here in Europe is not so popular. It is just nearly impossible 1000km per day or you need to take the boring Autobahn. By the way you should try this experience Autobahn with unlimited speed regulation with the bike you rented. Of course only possible in Germany…you are so close.
    Other point about the Silvretta Pass actually called Bieler Höhe. You saw the lake and on the opposite side the Ochsentaler glacier. When I saw it the first time around 25 years ago this glacier went down until the lake. 25 years later only the very top of the mountain is covered by ice.
    One word about Ischgl, it divides the people here in for and against. During Ski season it is unbelievable crowded and expensive. More and more people from all parts of world go there not only for ski but also for party and crazy fun. However during summer time it is of course very empty so new business was necessary. And they found motorcycle people parties are also very “profitable”. So on the weekends the Harley people and not only these ones are going there for biking and drinking. Not so bad….

    Have fun
    Martin (Spain…)


    • Thanks Martin
      Yes long distance riding here would be much harder and just doing it on freeways is boring.
      The passes are amazing. And I see what you mean abbot Ischgl – there was some sort of motorcycling event on but we headed out early so didn’t check out out.
      I’d like to get back to Spain one day to ride


  2. Spectacular scenery. You must be loving this trip mate. This sure does look like a bucket list item. I Know what you mean that you can just sit there and stare at those mountains all day, coming from one of the flatest countries on earth the mountains are just simply amazing. I’m green with envy.


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