Stelvio Pass – no words

Today we traveled from Ischgl to St Moritz via the Stelvio pass in Italy. From ski party town to ski snobsville via one hell of a mountain!


Today was primarily about one thing, the Stelvio pass. When people heard we were riding in Switzerland they mostly asked if we were going to ride this pass.

I’m not sure if I’d say the pass was fun … but it sure is memorable and I will be talking about this for years. … did grandad tell you about the time we rode the Stevlio

Two-up on a big bike is a lot of work and it is unrelenting. Effectively two-up feet-up u-turns going up hill. Over and over and over again. It is so tight you have to look up and backwards to see if cars are coming the other way as you need to swing wide to make it around. And meeting traffic the other way is not ideal!

But wow. You catch a glimpse of it as you start to ascend and you can’t wrap your head around the fact that this is a road. And then you climb.!

At the top it is very touristy with people everywhere, cyclists celebrating getting up, motorcyclists talking and taking photos … and there are souvenirs to buy, and yes we bought a t-shirt. This will certainly have bragging rights.

A few photos from Stelvio

And zooming in…

Top of Stelvio Pass

And coming down the other side.

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Just wow.!

Other things we saw today was a flooded village from the 1950’s to create the Reschen 677 hectares hydro dam where only the original clock tower is still visible.

And a 300 year old bridge close to St Moritz – with Deb’ s wet weather gear blending with the orange moss on the old bridge.

St. Moritz is an interesting place and seems very exclusive and where the rich come to play.

It amazes me that they do a variety of horse events on the frozen lake in winter – polo, harness racing, and skiing (like water skiing but with a horse dragging a skier) – check this out.

Tonight was filled with lots of laughter as the restaurant reminded us of faulty towers …. I’m not sure we’ll be allowed back…

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