What the trip’s over!

Flying into Sydney it was interesting to look out the window and observe the Australianness of our cityscape.   We’re home.

I know that in no time at all, the trip will be but a distant memory so I thought I’d reflect on my own limited observations of traveling to the US.

This trip has covered all sorts of transport – planes, shuttles, taxis,  private drivers,  streetcar,  segway, rental car, rental Harley, tour bus, coach, walking, trolley car, ferry, funicular, and charter jet.  That really reflects the diversity of our trip to the US.

What we didn’t know before we left was what to expect.  We heard all the horror stories, but were these concerns warrented?

Peter set the mood for our stay in the US.  Peter was the first person we really spoke to in the US.  He was the shuttle guy at LAX and was so friendly, with a big broad accent and smile to match.

Was everyone like Peter?  No, not at all. But we experienced more people willing to help than those who were unfriendly,  unhelpful, or just suspicious.

One thing I really noticed was just how much I say gidday. Actually when I noticed it I felt like I was becoming a cliche. But it’s such a good introduction and potential conversation starter..!

I found that my nature to stop and chat or at least say hello got me caught up a couple of times with sales people.   But it also led to some very interesting conversations.

In total we completely blew our budget. We bought too much,  ate too much and at more expensive places,  upgraded stuff,  all that kind of thing.

What would we do different? More riding.  More driving.  I’d probably do less Disneyland (but would be out voted).  Longer!!!

What were some of the highlights:

– Universal Studios was great fun. The VIP pass was expensive but a great experience.

– Driving in the US. The car allows you to get away from the touristy stuff and move through the real America.

– Riding in the US.  Okay I just love riding! But the hog on the interstates, cruise control on, radio blaring, feet on the highway pegs. Life is good.

– Utah scenery. Stunning!

– 5 star luxury.  St Regis at Deer Valley was sensational!  Just glad I wasn’t paying for it.

– Talking.  Taking to locals.  Talking to cabbies. Talking to other tourists. Really just chatting to anyone willing to chat.

I am concerned that the travel bug may have bitten me. I really enjoyed getting out and seeing where and how other people lived.

Now where to next. … ???

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