In Lieu of a Plan

So far we only have a rough plan for today as we haven’t figured out the larger plan of where and what we are going to do next. But today we are heading 300km further north to Coober Pedy to have a look around this opal mining town.

Glenambo accommodation.

Car returning from Alice Springs festival

So after a quick ride up the highway we arrive, check out the tourist information centre for our various options and then book into our under ground motel – yes lots of stuff is under ground here as it’s so damn hot in summer. Over 50 degrees type of hot.

Welcome to Coober Pedy

I always wondered what these trucks were and now I know. They are vacuum trucks that suck the cutaway dirt from the tunnels and lift it to the surface.

From here we head out to the Breakaways which is stunning. The last time I was here I just stopped at the observation area – this time we got the appropriate permits and went for a ride into the national park to have a better look and it quite an amazing place. It was also nice to have along a geologist to explain all the various things.

And from the Breakaways we rode along the dingo fence (which was around 5300km in total) for a few kilometres before returning to Coober Pedy.

Learning from the teacher

Wafer thin pieces of gypsum.

Gypsum scattered all over the ground shining like glass in the sunlight.

Dingo fence

Zed not in its natural territory.

Then while we are back in town we check out a mine tour and a few other random things around town.

That night we sit outside and reflect on the fascinating town and what we have seen and discuss where to from here.  And Ed pipes up – I have a crazy idea!!

I like crazy ideas but more on that later.

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